New! Aromatherapy….mmmmm!

To complete the experience of one of my massages you can now choose from two aromatherapy blends.

I have carefully selected two blends that are not only gorgeous to smell , but will increase the benefits of your treatment.

The Master Aromatherapists at Base Formula UK have created ‘Detox’ (Encourages elimination of toxins- a punch of Orange, the balance of Juniperberry, and the base note of soothing Patchouli) and ‘Tranquility'(Soothing to the mind- the sweetness of Neroli, the calm of Lavender, the quiet strength of Sandalwood and notes of beautiful Palmarosa and calming Frankincense).

And, if you love these oils as much as i do, i sell them for you to take home to put in your bath , or persuade someone you love to massage you! These oils are not available in the shops and are 100% natural. £7.99 (100ml)

I also sell childrens aromatherapy products including ‘Little Hero sleep balm’, guaranteed to……no, ok not guaranteed to put your little ones to sleep when you want!…,but guaranteed to smell beautiful and to be a lovely calming part of your bedtime routine! £5.99 (15ml)