Postnatal Recovery and Baby Massage classes

The first three months after birth are often referred to as the ‘ fourth trimester’, as babies need to remain close to their Mothers and require a nurturing, safe, low stimulation environment to ease the transition from womb to world! For Mamas, this is a time of enourmous change, physical and emotional demands, and the need for nurture and rest is huge.

Postnatal recovery is yoga specially adapted to the first 3 months of Motherhood: deeply nourishing, relaxing and focused on realigning , and arriving in this new, post- natal body!

Baby Massage is about loving touch, enhancing development, and creating special time for bonding between parent and baby from very early on in life.

A 5 week course gives you the opportunity to learn to massage your baby, and look after yourself too. When we feel grounded, safe and rested, we can enjoy our babies! Happy Mama: happy baby (:


Thursdays 11am -12.15pm


Please ask about course dates coming up.

 Jess 07707297316/


Suitable for babies aged from around 3 to 10 weeks at the start of the course. ( Babies can be massaged from birth, but the class environment may be over stimulating for a newborn. )

Birthlight Baby Massage offers more than other baby massage classes as it includes elements of baby yoga such as gentle hip sequence movements which helps to ease digestion, and holds that can soothe and settle babies. For Mums there are gentle stretches, energising and relaxing breathing practices and tips for lifting, carrying and soothing babies without strain. We will cover the yoga approach to pelvic floor and abdominal toning postnatally . Class ends with a quiet relaxation which will recharge you for the rest of the day, and of course there is a chance to meet other Mums of very young babies in a small and nurturing group.

 An info sheet including directions, parking info, etc will be sent to you when you book.

I also offer 1:1 or 1:2 tuition ( gift vouchers available) and bespoke sessions for groups, on request .

3 thoughts on “Postnatal Recovery and Baby Massage classes

  1. Louise Dobb

    I wondered if this is a class mum and dad could do together with one baby.

    I am due 01.04.15 so looking to do beginning of May depending on arrival dates!!

    1. Jessica Treetots Post author

      Hi louise, yes Dads are very welcome, although only one person should massage the baby at one sitting so one would be watching. Although lots of mums have asked if Dad could come, no dads have as yet! Probably the best option for you both together would be a private bespoke session at my clinic in Paignton or at home. The first is £35 for an hour, the second £40. I do gift vouchers if youd like to ask for this as a baby gift! Jessica x


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