Massage Treatments and Prices

I have a treatment room at my home in Ogwell (home visits on request, £5 charge within TQ postcodes)

Body Massage

Tailored to suit your tension/ problem areas. Provides total relaxation, eases muscle tension, aids detoxing and skin condition. I use a variety of techniques including Swedish massage, hands free massage and Indian Head massage
Body Massage (60 minutes) £40 , (90 mins) £55

Pregnancy Massage

Suitable throughout pregnancy. I am trained in Pregnancy and labour massage and will ensure you get positioned comfortably, taking your particular needs into account. I have both a massage bed ( i can raise your upper body up to avoid lying flat esp after the mid- second trimester, and work on your back from the side with cushion support)  and a massage chair ( great for getting to achy shoulders, upper back, neck and for a super relaxing head massage to finish).

I am also trained in pelvic diaphragm release; a gentle, powerful myofascial release technique which can encourage malpositioned babies to turn, ease pelvic girdle pain and relieve tight / uncomfortable feelings in the bump and pelvis. I am also trained in Rebozo techniques for pregnancy and labour, which I can show you and your birth partner.

Post natal massage:

Listen up: your body has been through the biggest endurance test and the need for rest and nurturing touch is huge. These make a lovely gift! I can work around babies’ needs if they are too young to be without Mum!
Please contact me to discuss or ask any questions. Prices as for body massage.
#please note, if you would like a regular pregnancy /postnatal massage and are unable to afford my standard rate, please contact me to discuss concessionary rates. I believe regular treatments can be hugely beneficial to your wellbeing and your baby’s and would like this to be accessible to all. (:

Closing the Bones Massage:

This powerful ritual/ treatment originates in South America. I believe every woman who has given birth should experience this massage. It is deeply healing, and can be an opportunity to process and release emotions around your baby’s birth. It helps with lingering symptoms of pelvic discomfort, hip pain, sacral pain, and it assists womb healing and lymph drainage after giving birth. It takes around 2 hours including time to talk through whatever you would like to bring to the session, and tea and biscuits afterwards. Suitable from whenever you feel ready, and best done without the baby present but can be adapted with the baby on Mum’s chest. See for more info: I am a listed practitioner on the site.

Indian Head Massage:

A relaxing and reviving treatment.
Ideal for treating headaches, tense neck and shoulders, stress and tiredness.
A traditional – style massage that has been used to maintain health and promote the flow of prana ( life force energy) in Indian culture for centuries.
Brought to the UK in the 1970s by Narendra Mehta, who believed strongly in its potential to help stressed out Westerners sitting at desks all day long and / or in need of the healing power of touch to shift stagnant energy.
Mr Mehta’s vision was for IHM to be made available to all in parks, clinics and within families. I have found it to be a very popular treatment at festivals, youth groups, for older people, men, and anyone who loves massage! An ideal introduction to massage also.
Suitable for on- site massage in the workplace as it can be done in an ordinary chair.
Not just for your head! Includes upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, scalp and face.

Express treatment ( fully clothed, 45mins) £35
Luxury treatment 60 mins £40


Meaning ‘life force energy’, Reiki is a Japanese system of energy healing.
Provides a deep sense of relaxation, helps to shift physical and emotional issues.

(Lying down, fully clothed. Involves light touch.)

Reiki can be carried out on my massage chair/ adapted for pregnant clients

(60 mins) £40

Ear Candles:

A relaxing and soothing treatment which encourages clearing of the ears and sinuses.
Includes relaxing facial massage with nourishing sweet almond oil. Add on a soothing head and neck massage for complete relaxation.

(45 mins) £36 (60 mins including head and neck massage) £46

7 thoughts on “Massage Treatments and Prices

  1. Lindsay Baxter

    I am on holiday in Lustleigh from Saturday and wondered if you would be free to do a home visit pregnancy massage?

  2. Elpitha Bruce


    Any chance of a last minute slot for tomorrow Friday afternoon? Would love a 60min pregnancy massage. Please let me know when else you are free if not tomorrow.

    Thank you!



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