Birth preparation sessions for couples

You’ve done your antenatal/ hypnobirthing classes, you’ve been to pregnancy yoga, you’ve read the books/ watched the youtube videos……but have you actually had the time to just BE, together? Or maybe you have not had time to do any of these things.. you’ve been busy with an older child, and quality time together is rare and precious these days?

I offer one-off, or a series of bespoke sessions, for you and your birth partner to spend time trying different supportive positions and massage techniques, and quietly connecting to the energy of birth together. Whether your partner is a natural, or anxious about whether he can support you, whether he is a yogi or a Mr Practical, or somewhere in between… I can offer you a session/ package of sessions that are right for you both.

If you have another couple you would like to attend with I can offer a session for the 4 of you.

Prices from £45 ; please contact me to discuss.